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Psychic Solutions

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Psychic Readers and the Public Solving Cases


When filling out the contact form please put the case Letter or Reference # you are referring to in the subject field or comment area. You can also contact me thru the form if you would like to advertise on this site.

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Case A
Project Cold Case - Nationwide

Orange County FL Unresolved Homicides

Volusia County FL Unsolved Murders

74 FL Unsolved Homicides

Brevard County FL Unsolved Homicides

Cold Cases in Central Florida

Unsolved Florida Homicides
Psychics and Remote Viewers please pick any case from these links that you would like to do a reading on and fill out the form with your impressions of what you see happened. You can also email me links you would like to see added to this list. They don't have to be in Florida- I am just adding Florida first since I live here.

Beaufort SC Cold Cases

SC Unsolved Mysteries

Psychic Related Link Exchanges

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Title: Psychic Solutions
Description: Psychic Readers and the public uniting together to help solve cases.

Shocking Disappearances Solved by Psychic Detectives

10 Intriguing Cases of Psychics Who Aided Police Investigations

Develop Psychic Abilities Subliminal