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Former Pentagon Scientist Who Says Psychics Can Help

Build good Karma Points for the Here and Now and Everafter

I awoke feeling the weight of the suffering of the world and prayed to God to end the suffering and pain of my loved ones as well as human suffering the world over. Within minutes my mind slowly wrapped around an idea of how I could help using my talents as a website designer and putting together the talents of my psychic friends. It also came into my mind to ask the public for help in solving cases of missing children, adults, murders, to search for criminals and to help out police officers and detectives to solve cases. Sometimes when we see things on TV or hear something on the radio about something that has happened we get a hunch about what we think happened. Now you have a place to share that hunch or if you are a psychic you can share your reading on it.

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I had a few days before thought of registering the domain psychic-solutions but had not registered it at the time. Sometimes God puts notions in your path for a reason. I decided that Sunday the domain psychic-solutions could be used for the common good to create a website to help ease a small part of humanities suffering in this manner. I knew I had to create the website first and put advertising on it to help support the hosting of it and help me to dedicate more time to it, so I surrounded the page with google, ebay and affiliate ads for related subjects and self improvement.
Altruism is great but not without a way to support it. That would be my first step then I would ask my psychic friends if they would let me put an image with links to their websites to give them a way to advertise their services. In return I would ask them to volunteer to donate some time towards whatever cases they felt like looking at. I also felt it would be a good idea to ask for help from the public to send in their thoughts and feelings about any cases. Remote Viewing and Remote Viewers could also help with their abilities. I would later be able to forward what they said to whomever would be helped by it. In the end my goal was to be able to put the words - Case Solved with help from our Readers next to the link for each one and maybe even add on that cases page the input from each psychic, remote viewer and the public.
I beleive we are all linked together in the Universal Consciousness or "God" when we are living and even after we die. Every living being can tap into this and choose to help each other in whatever ways they can as well as helping themselves.
Later I will create a psychic facebook business page to help promote this website and after that a psychic twitter account. I will work on this site as I have time and it will change as I go along to make it more interactive and productive. It would be nice to ad a forum later but I'm sure that would probably need dedicated hosting, constant monitoring and moderators. So I'm just going to start off slow and post any input on whatever case people choose to pursue. Thanks for reading and I appreciate any constructive criticism or feedback offered thru the contact form. - Ann Menke

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Title: Psychic Solutions
Description: Psychic Readers and the public uniting together to help solve cases.


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